Baha Aftercare



For the best results you need to take care of the Baha system abutment to avoid any complications with the surrounding tissue. After surgery the prescribed dressing needs to be worn for about two weeks, but during this time it will have to be changed. The initial bandage is to provide pressure to the area and it will be removed the day after surgery. You should take care not to move or adjust it before this time. Then, five to six days later, the area should be cleaned and the dressing replaced. It is advisable to wash your hair very well the morning of the dressing change and to let the dressing become wet so that it is easier to remove. The dressing and stitches will be removed 10-14 days after surgery.


Once the dressing has been removed and the abutment is exposed, you must clean the skin around the abutment every few days, as debris may build up. The best way to do this is while you are washing your hair, as shampoo and warm water will help to soften any crust that may have built up around the base of the abutment.  For the first few weeks you may use a strip of a baby wipe around the area to clean until you are able to gently brush the area with the Entific soft cleaning brush. Aim the bristles against the side of the abutment - not at the skin - as care must be taken not to brush the skin too harshly. The debris build up is not a scab and must be removed. Build up may also occur inside the abutment itself, so you need to clean inside as well as around. Any type of soap or shampoo can be used, but antibacterial soap is recommended. After cleaning, gently dry the area around the abutment with a clean towel or baby wipe. Do not allow your hair to wrap itself around the abutment. If you use a hairdryer, do not keep the hot air on the abutment for too long. Remember to keep the Entific soft brush clean.

If you have persistent soreness or inflammation around the abutment, always contact your doctor.

Accessories included with your sound processor

You will receive an abutment cover with your sound processor that can be attached when the processor is not being worn, or for activities such as swimming. This will keep the inside of the abutment clean. Simply press the cover on to the abutment to keep it in position.

It is also recommended, especially when you first wear your Baha sound processor, to attach the safety line. This will stop it from getting lost if you inadvertently knock it off. The safety line is attached by simply putting some thread through the loop on the sound processor, revealed when you open the battery door, and safely pinning it to your collar or shirt. The sound processor should always be removed for contact sports. The area can be protected with a sweat band if needed.