University of Arizona 1982

University of Arizona 1986

Stanford University Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery 1991

American Academy of Otolaryngologic Allergy 2012-present (Fellow)

American Board of Otolaryngology 1992 (ABMS Certification)
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Robert B. Cravens, MD

Extensive experience and interest in endocrine surgery (thyroid and parathyroid) disorders, otosclerosis surgery, rhinoplasty, sinus surgery, head and neck surgery.


Practicing otolaryngology is the second best decision I have ever made (after the decision to marry my incredible wife in 1985)! The breadth and depth of our field is truly inspiring, and the patients we treat are as diverse as any in medicine. Tucson is a wonderful community in which to serve our patients, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity to serve.

My personal time is best spent enjoying outdoor pursuits, particularly hiking, skiing and hunting with my family and friends. Cooking, country music and watching Arizona sunsets round out our days.


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